Why Twenty One Pilots Accepted Their Grammy Award In Their Underwear

There were certainly a lot of wild moments during this year's Grammy Awards on Sunday night, but the boys of Twenty One Pilots may have taken the cake by accepting their award in their underwear. It was definitely a head-scratching moment at first, but frontman Tyler Joseph gave a pretty awesome explanation behind the pants-less acceptance speech.

Immediately after Nick Jonas announced that Twenty One Pilots had won the Grammy for Best Pop Duo or Group Performance for their song "Stressed Out," Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun got out of their seats and began taking off their pants. Of course, this raised the eyebrows of quite a few members of the audience as well as many viewers --- what are they doing!? Turns out, the whole underwear thing actually had some sentimentality to it, as Joseph explained in his "brief" acceptance speech.

This story, it starts in Columbus, Ohio, and it is a few years ago, and it was before Josh and I were able to make money playing music. And I called him up, and I said, "Hey, Josh, you want to come over to my rental house and watch the Grammys?" And he said, "Yeah, who is hanging there?" And I said, "A couple my roommates coming to watch the Grammys with us." And as we were watching, we noticed every single one of us was in our underwear. And seriously, Josh turned to me --- and we were no one at that time --- and he said, "If we ever go to the Grammy, if we ever win a Grammy, we should receive it just like this."So, not only is this amazing, but I want everyone who is watching at home to know that you could be next. So watch out, okay. Because anyone from anywhere can do anything. And this is that.

The no-pants move was a way to pay tribute to Twenty One Pilots' beginnings, Tyler Joseph explained in his speech. He told the crowd about a time years back when he and his bandmate Josh Dun were watching the Grammys in their underwear, and they made a promise that if they were to ever win the award, they would accept it just as they were dressed then. He reminded everyone that they were just two kids watching the Grammys in their underwear a few years ago, and ended his speech by saying that their success is proof that anybody can achieve anything.

The speech is actually really fitting in the theme of their Grammy-winning song "Stressed Out," which is all about looking back fondly at adolescence. Although Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun surely didn't seem stressed out to be taking off their pant in front of the whole world! You can watch the full pants-less acceptance speech below.