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Lady Gaga did more than just perform with Metallica at the Grammys on Sunday night; she also showed her love by getting a giant back tattoo as a tribute to the metal band. The pop star flaunted the large tattoo of a giant moth with a skull on her Instagram prior to her performance.

The Moth & Metallica ????------->????????#ink #tattoo #MothIntoFlame #MetalliGa #metal #grammys @metallica

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The tattoo, which covers nearly all of Lady Gaga's back, is a reference to the 2016 Metallica track "Moth into Flame," which she performed with the band during the Grammy Awards on Sunday. And Gaga made sure that her new ink was on full display as she walked the red carpet, as her barely-there black top included a large cut-out in the back so the moth could see all of the excitement. Of course, Gaga is no stranger to body art --- towards the end of 2016 Billboard reported that Lady Gaga has 19 tattoos on her body. I'm sure that giant moth feels right at home surrounded by the unicorn, mouse, monster paw, and various other inked-on creations.

And Lady Gaga's love for Metallica isn't just skin deep. The pop star proved her metal in a rambunctious, fiery performance alongside the legendary heavy metal band during the Grammys. Though the performance did start off with a slight hiccup, as the microphone for Metallica frontman James Hetfield didn't seem to be working, the singers moved into share a mic and turned out a truly energizing performance, which you can check out below.

Lady Gaga hung out with the inspirations for her new tattoo all weekend. She uploaded a photo of herself with Metallica before the Grammys, writing that she was planning on listening to their music all day before partying with them, and then of course taking to the stage with them. Honestly, Lady Gaga and Metallica sounded like a weird duo to me at first, but I've got to admit it really works.

I guess Lady Gaga wasn't kidding when she released a song called "Heavy Metal Lover." Now the proof is literally all over her body! She just has to be sure she steers clear of bug zappers now.

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