Watch A Starbucks Barista Hilariously Rant About The Unicorn Frappuccino

Evidently, baristas have their hands full--and sticky--at the Starbucks stores participating in the limited-time production of Unicorn Frappucinos. The process of making the colorful drink appears to be a tricky one, and now one Starbucks barista's video is going viral with a request for customers not to buy the blended beverage. Braden Burson, who works at a Starbucks store in Colorado, posted the video to Twitter and later removed it, but you can still check out the funny clip here:

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As a rule, complaining about the product one's company sells is not good form, but this rant is fun and playful. Technically, in Braden Burson's video, the barista goes a step further and pleads with customers not to buy the product at all. But we loved how much passion he used to describe his frustration, saying,

My hands are completely sticky. I have unicorn crap all in my hair and on my nose. I have never been so stressed out in my entire life.

In the clip, now featured on Facebook, Burson does not disparage the quality of the drink itself so much as the complicated process it takes to create it. In fact, Burson manages to mention the tasty ingredients of the Unicorn Frappucino in a way that makes us want to buy one, despite his lighthearted appeal for us to save our coins. It is easy to see that Burson is joking about the popularity of the fun new drink, so there is no real problem here. (However, next time, it may be smarter to pull over to the side of the road to record!)

Lucky for Braden Burson, Starbucks seemed to see the humor in the video, too. The company decided not to give him his walking papers for voicing his opinion, according to TMZ. Instead, Starbucks explained that it would reach out to Burson to learn about the situation and see what the company could do to make similar experiences better. It's also been evident that Burson has not been the only Starbucks barista to post sour reviews about the challenging process of making the Unicorn Frappucino. A handful of other humorous criticisms appeared on social media during the quick promotion. For example, here is one in which a barista poked fun at her dislike of making the blended beverage but managed to reference the success of the product at her store:

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Then here is another critical tweet from a barista who then followed up with her message in a clever way. Check it out:

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Through April 23, the coffee corporation is selling its special beverage, which baristas make by blending pink powder and mango syrup into a crème drink that has a layer of sour blue drizzle in the middle. On top, the Unicorn Frappucino has vanilla whipped cream and a sprinkling of sweet pink and sour blue topping. Those are a lot of ingredients. No wonder baristas are having a tough time making the drinks one after another.

There is no word yet on whether Starbucks plans to extend or repeat the promotion, but if the grumpy baristas are any indication, the Unicorn Frappucino campaign was a success for the company. We would love to hear about other fun Starbucks drinks in the future.