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Recent allegations claim the marriage of New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony and television personality La La Anthony is on the way out the door, due to accusations that the three-time Olympic gold medalist cheated on La La with a strip club dancer. Adding insult to injury, it now appears that said dancer has become pregnant from the affair. What a difference a day makes, because new rumors claim the couple is heading closer to divorce, with plans in play for the custody of their ten-year-old son, Kiyan Anthony. Here is what we know so far based on reports.

Carmelo and La La Anthony are developing a plan for the temporary custody of their son, so says TMZ. It sounds like La La Anthony will get primary custody of Kiyan Anthony and keep him with her in New York City, but Carmelo Anthony will reportedly have permission to visit him whenever he likes. The split could be amicable, because the spouses plan not to involve the court as they work out the details in the legal documents of the divorce, something common in celebrity divorces. In fact, La La Anthony reportedly says her husband remains a great dad to their son, and they deserve to spend time together.

There are still several unclear aspects behind the scenes, such as how often Carmelo Anthony might visit his son if the basketball player switches teams. Reports indicate Carmelo Anthony is thinking about waiving the no-trade clause in his $124-million contract with the Knicks to move to a team like the Boston Celtics this summer. La La Anthony, on the other hand, wants to stay in NYC for pretty good reasons. She is busy working on projects there, such as a film she wrapped with Whoopi Goldberg and Anna Paquin. She has a role on the crime drama Power, produced by 50 Cent, and that show is filmed in New York. And from the looks of it, both mom and dad think it is a good idea for young Kiyan Anthony not to feel pulled in different directions, so at least that aspect of the situation seems promising.

It is worth noting that breaking reports indicate the woman involved in the alleged affair with Carmelo Anthony is not, as reported earlier, a stripper. In fact, fingers point to a twentysomething woman with a career in education. If she were to be pregnant with Carmelo Anthony's child, the NBA star could be asked to dish out some child support payments, in addition to whatever financial agreements he and La La Anthony settle upon in their divorce proceedings. Because Carmelo Anthony and his wife have a prenuptial agreement, La La Anthony might have the chance to request additional funds, as many prenups include a cheating clause. So, it sounds like Carmelo Anthony might have to grab his checkbook soon.

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Considering the discouraging circumstances of the situation, we think it sounds like matters are heading in a direction that is as good as can be. It is refreshing to hear about parents who keep focused on their children, despite situations as heartbreaking as a divorce. We hope the pair can reach a resolution that benefits everyone involved.

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