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Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence is counting her blessings. Over the weekend, the 26-year-old actress found herself in a frightening scene as harrowing as one from a movie like The Hunger Games. A private plane on which Lawrence was a passenger had to make an emergency landing because not one but two engines failed while the aircraft was in flight. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a statement on Sunday to report the incident and announce it would begin an investigation into the cause of the shocking incident, but here is what we know at this point.

Jennifer Lawrence was aboard a Hawker Beechcraft B40 aircraft heading to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey from Louisville, Kentucky where the Silver Linings Playbook actress had been spending time with her family. The plane landed safely at Buffalo Niagara International Airport in New York at about 1:40 in the afternoon on Saturday, June 10. However, it sounds like the experience was a terrifying one for everyone on board, as the crew had to divert the plane to Buffalo when the pilots realized midflight there was an emergency caused by engine problems.

What's worse, the crew spotted the first engine problem when the plane was already at an altitude of 31,000 feet. While the plane was descending for its emergency landing, the second engine went out. Luckily, the pilot managed to land the aircraft safely at Buffalo Niagara where emergency vehicles rushed out to help Jennifer Lawrence and the crew. A representative for Lawrence told USA Today the movie star walked away from the incident without any injuries, and she is doing all right. But if both engines had stopped working at the same time, the fate of the aircraft might have been much worse.

According to experts, it is uncommon for both engines to stop working during a flight. In fact, one of the reasons a plane has more than one engine is because it is a safety measure to protect the aircraft if one of the engines gives out. Therefore, if there was a double engine failure, the FAA will have some digging to do to discover what exactly caused the problem.

Jennifer Lawrence is a frequent flyer because of her Hollywood schedule, so hopefully, the experience has not caused any hidden trauma. But if Lawrence were to announce she had developed aviophobia, it would make sense, and she would join the ranks of other stars who hate flying. For example, Sandra Bullock has not been a fan of planes since her plane accident in 2000. Whoopi Goldberg avoids flying at all cost and owns a tricked-out bus to travel from coast to coast for work. Aretha Franklin has a phobia of flying that keeps her from performing in certain cities. Perhaps sometime in the future, Lawrence might open up about the scary incident and say whether it affected her feelings toward flying. For now, thank goodness she and the crew are okay.

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