Rapper Daz Dillinger Threatens Kanye West With Crip Violence

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Kanye West returned to social media in a big way recently, though perhaps not in the way many of his fans and followers would've liked. While he has used his time to proclaim self-help mantras and announce new albums for himself (along with other music producers), the rapper has also continued vocally supporting President Donald Trump. He posts at a nearly alarming rate about ideas and values that are seemingly no longer in line with his old self. And while friends and fellow musicians have reached out to Kanye to either talk him out of his recent behavior or figure out his headspace, other music makers have turned to more drastic measures. For instance, Daz Dillinger has gone on to his social media to send a "Crip alert" and to ask his followers to "fuck Kanye up," in a video that has since been deleted from his page.

On Sunday, Daz Dillinger, formally a member of Tha Dogg Pound duo with Snoop Dogg, his cousin, went onto Instagram and made the following pointed threats.

Yo national alert, all the Crips out there, y'all fuck Kanye up ... Better not ever see you in concert. Better not ever see you around the LBC. Better not ever see you around California. Stay in Calabasas, ya hear me? 'Cuz we got a Crip alert for Kanye... All the Crips out there -- you see him, bang on his ass, fuck his ass up.

As Page Six recounted, while there were other videos made by Daz Dillinger with harsh comments directed towards Kanye West, it was ultimately this video and these violent remarks which drew the most controversy. Commenters were quick to voice their firm objections to Dillinger's declarations, and Dillinger had a response to those who were dismayed by his words. In the caption section for one of his latest videos, Dillinger wrote the following.


Daz Dillinger is certainly not the only musician to reach out to Kanye West since his tweetstorm, although not all of them were quite so aggressive. For instance, Kanye's friend John Legend also recently expressed concern for Kanye West in a private text message exchange that became public. They hashed it out, but they were recently seen together at Chrissy Teigen's baby shower, which was also attended by Kim Kardashian West. Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, continues to defend her husband, and she has done so several times by now. Additionally, Kanye West still seems to be on the outs with Jay-Z, although that has been the case for some time now, even before Kanye West found himself ranting and raving on his social media.

In any case, Kanye West continues to impact on Twitter with each passing day. Who knows what tomorrow will hold?

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