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Today is the big day! The Royal Wedding commenced this morning, and it was beautiful, lavish, star-studded ceremony. But Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were quite possibly outshined by an unexpected star in the stunning media-friendly event. Because while Markle was the focal point of the Royal Wedding and it was undoubtedly her day to cherish, in the midst of the nuptials seen all around the world, an unsuspecting superstar became an instant viral sensation. That person is being referred to as "Smiling Page Boy," a smiling, semi-toothless boy who seems positively ecstatic about Meghan Markle's much-anticipated arrival at the Royal Wedding. Through this overjoyed attendee, social media users around the world could relate to the excitement they felt watching the televised celebration at home. Here are some of the responses Smiling Page Boy has received online since making his debut at the Windsor Castle matrimony.

According to Time, the happy-go-lucky child is either Brian Mulroney or John Mulroney, one half of a pair of twins from Meghan Markle's close friend Jessica Mulroney. The moment the gorgeous dress was unveiled to the public eye, this young little Mulroney captured the feverish excitement spread across the world. Here is another example of social media users relating to the overwhelming emotions wordlessly expressed on his face.

This post, meanwhile, is not only a video, which allows us to see Smiling Page Boy's face glow with joy by the second, but it also makes a point to compliment his excellent photoboming skills, which shouldn't be ignored. Anyone who can master the Royal Wedding photobomb deserves some major props.

Before Smiling Page Boy became such a social media hit, the Kensington Palace provided us a glimpse into the paper boys' entrance into the ceremony, accompanied by Meghan Markle's bridesmaids.

The Royal Wedding was a stunning success this morning, and it was a beautiful ceremony filled with many classic moments. If you want to know more details like what everyone was wearing and how everyone looked for the wedding of the year (maybe the wedding of the past couple years, honestly), then you shouldn't look much farther than here. Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they'll be spending a great deal of time together, appearing at a variety of different public events before they eventually carve out time to attend their honeymoon. But as they step away from the public spotlight, briefly, Smiling Paper Boy is here to shine bright. He's already taking the Internet by storm right now. We'll need to wait and see how long his Internet fame lasts, especially in today's climate.