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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner divorced one year ago, but the actors remain connected thanks to the children they share, which includes Violet (12), Seraphina (9) and Samuel (6). Affleck and Garner were recently seen together at their oldest daughter's graduation last week, where Affleck seemingly presented his girl with an odd gift, but they reportedly didn't spend a whole lot of time together, and it's not clear how co-parenting is going at the moment. In any case, while there might be tension between them, Jennifer Garner is still appreciative of the time they shared together, especially on Father's Day. On social media, Garner wrote a lovely tribute to Ben Affleck, her former Daredevil co-star, her husband for nearly 12 years and the father of her children. You can check out the post below.

The Instagram post doesn't show Ben Affleck with his children, unless they are cropped out of the frame, but the sentiment is nevertheless felt. It's a respectable and commendable tribute to the good times shared between the two, and while there might still be friction felt, Jennifer Garner is very good at keeping things classy and civilized -- especially on Father's Day. If Affleck and Garner still have problems in their fixated relationship, they can be focused on and highlighted another day. For now, Jennifer Garner is celebrating the man who helped bring three children into her high-profile celebrity life.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner isn't afraid to highlight her children on her social media feeds, especially when she's helping her daughter sell Girl Scout cookies in front of a grocery store. Her casual, self-deprecating sense of humor also came in handy when her reaction shot at the Oscars went viral. She responded in good-hearted fashion, celebrating Best Picture winner The Shape of Water in the process and cheekily promoting her forthcoming HBO series Camping, which comes from the mind of Lena Dunham. The anticipated new show will be Garner's first television project since leaving Alias.

Nevertheless, while there were rumors of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner canceling their divorce plans and possibly rekindling their relationship at one point, it seems like they're continuing to go their separate ways. No matter. Ben Affleck remains a committed and dedicated presence in the lives of his children, to the point where he reportedly got a new lavish house closer to Garner and their children. Because of that love and commitment, Jennifer Garner took a moment to celebrate Ben Affleck this special Father's Day. We'll keep you posted on their latest developments.