Drake's New Album Dropped, Including A Song With Michael Jackson

Drake's newest album, Scorpion, was released today, and it features no shortage of great guests. The fifth studio album from the popular Canadian rapper includes collaborations with Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, TY Dolla $ign and more, but it's one particular guest artist who has everyone talking: Michael Jackson. Indeed, the late King of Pop is featured on Drake's newest single, "Don't Matter To Me," and if you're wondering how the artist -- who passed away at 50 exactly ten years ago -- was able to appear on the new track, there's an explanation why. As it turns out, Drake used a previously unreleased MJ single and turned it into his own tune, with accompaniment from Michael Jackson along the way. Check out the collaboration, below.

The mid-tempo B-side R&B track certainly harkens back to Michael Jackson's work. It's hard to tell, based on the Drake-released version of the tune, if it was finished by Michael Jackson or incomplete by the time of his death. Nevertheless, Drake spun it and made it his own song as a tribute to Jackson. This is not the first time Michael Jackson's signature music has been posthumously sampled by modern artists. As it was reported by TMZ, in 2014, Justin Timberlake did something fairly similar when he released "Love Never Felt So Good," which he used as a debut with Michael Jackson.

Additionally, Scorpion is earning attention for seemingly referencing Drake's reported secret love child, a revelation made notoriously public by a diss track from Pusha-T. The son is acknowledged on the A-Side track "Emotionless" and on the last single, "March 14," when Drake said the following: "kiss my son on his forehead." Meanwhile, Scorpion also features Nicki Minaj, Future, and Paul Anka. Notably absent from album, though, is Rihanna. Although the artists were previously close, they had a falling out, according to RiRi, and they're no longer friends. At least, that's what Rihanna says.

The new album also features Drake's hit single "God's Plan," as well as "I'm Upset," which had a popular music video that featured a much-publicized class reunion with the various cast members of Degrassi: The Next Generation, which featured Drake's acting for a spell. The music video already has 26 million views on YouTube. There are 25 tracks total on Drake's newest studio album, collected on two sides in a nicely-retro fashion. It's already soaring on iTunes' chart, rising up to the number 1 spot shortly after it was officially released earlier this morning.

Meanwhile, Michael Jackson's musical return comes shortly after the passing of his father, Joe Jackson, who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 89. The late talent manager was battling terminal cancer, and he was surrounded by his family and loved ones at the time of his passing.

Will Ashton

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