That Time Justin Timberlake Hooked Up With A Spice Girl

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It's officially May, so it's time to bring out NSYNC! While Justin Timberlake knows a gentleman never tells, especially when it comes to past love affairs with similarly high profile pop musicians, Ellen DeGeneres isn't afraid to talk about it on his behalf. When Timberlake reunited with his former NSYNC mates to play a confessional game of "Never Have I Ever," on The Ellen Degeneres Show. During said game, the "SexyBack" singer was forced to admit his hook-up history with one of the Spice Girls. While the normally cool and collected JT seemed pretty embarrassed to reveal such intimate details, the audience, the talk show host and especially the other NSYNC members beside him on the couch ever eating it all up. Here's what happened.

During a recent appearance on Ellen, Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez all shared Ellen DeGeneres' couch shortly after they reunited for their Walk of Fame reunion on Monday. During the risque game, the musicians were asked to put up a sign saying either "I Have" or "I Have Never" when it came to their past romantic encounters. The first question asked the boys if they ever hooked up with someone twice their age, which already gave Timberlake a bit of pause before he eventually revealed he never did. Or, at least, he won't admit he did. Then came the big question: had any of the *NSYNC members ever hooked up with a Spice Girl? Naturally, DeGeneres and her producers asked this question for a very specific reason, although JT was hesitant to answer.

While the rest of the _NSYNC team didn't take long to give their response (Lance Bass, in particular, relished in the silliness of being asked such a question), Justin Timberlake noticeably took his sweet time before he gave his response. And while, for a second, it looked like he was going to lie, Ellen DeGeneres wasn't letting him off the hook. sShe made sure to reveal that, yes, JT once (at least...) hooked up with one of the Spice Girls, though he didn't have to admit which one. That's ultimately up to the fans, both of _NSYNC and the Spice Girls, to speculate on their own -- if they so wish.

There were, of course, other questions asked. For instance, have they ever hooked up with someone on a tour bus? (Everyone said yes.) Have they ever forgotten the song lyrics on stage? (Everyone's guilty, and no hesitation there.) Have they ever hooked up to someone with an *NSYNC song? (A bunch of "no"s across the board.) Have they ever hooked up with a fan? (Most of them said yes.) But it was ultimately Justin Timberlake's Spice Girl admission that caught the most fire, and for understandable reasons. You can watch the game unfold before your eyes (in all its awkward glory) at the link below.

Meanwhile, as a musician, Justin Timberlake released his latest studio album, Man of the Woods, which makes sense when you think about his last name, in February. He also recently performed the Super Bowl Halftime Show around that time, where he provided a tribute to Prince.

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