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George Clooney Money Monster

In Italy earlier today, George Clooney found himself in a hospital. The actor/producer/director was riding his motorcycle on the island of Sardinia, reportedly on his way to a film set, when he was involved in an accident with a car, which resulted in Clooney cracking the vehicle's windshield. Thankfully, the Oscar winner was released from the hospital soon after he was emitted, and it is believed that his injuries today were not serious.

Details on the accident are fuzzy at the moment, but there's a picture of the accident available on social media where you can see the cracked windshield, as well as the motorcycle that George Clooney was flung from. Thankfully, the damages don't appear to be too substantial. Take a look.

It's not clear at the moment how the car-motorcycle accident occurred, but the accident happened near Costa Corallina, which is in the province of Olbia, as it was reported by Fox News. George Clooney and his wife, Amal Clooney, have a house near Lake Como, and there were spotted in Porto San Paolo this past weekend. While the accident is reportedly not severe, Clooney is 57 years young at the moment, and an accident like that can be serious for someone his age -- even if it's relatively minor. Hopefully, Clooney is beginning the recovery process. It's not clear how this accident will be affecting his work on his latest project, the Hulu mini-series adaptation of Joseph Heller's Catch-22, which Clooney will direct, produce and star in.

It is believed that the set of Catch-22 was where George Clooney was headed when he was involved in his motorcycle accident, and it's never good when one of your actors gets hurt heading to set. It's especially not good when that actor is also your director and producer. Hopefully, Clooney will find time to recover and return to work on his latest project as soon as possible. While Clooney was originally playing the role of Colonel Cathcart, he scaled himself down to a smaller supporting role as Scheisskopf to focus more on his work behind-the-scenes. He has admitted recently that he is less interested in acting and more intrigued by producing, writing and directing. Perhaps not being at the forefront will allow him some flexibility to heal, as he is directing two of the six episodes in the limited series alongside Ellen Kuras and his frequent writer/producer partner, Grant Heslov, respectively.

George Clooney was last seen in 2016's Money Monster and Hail, Caesar! Recently, he directed last year's underwhelming and underperforming dark comedy Suburbicon, which he also co-wrote with Grant Heslov from an original screenplay by Joel and Ethan Coen. Notably, Clooney has been scaling back his work and focusing more on his family life. He is now the father of 1-year-old twins, Alexander and Ella, which Clooney admits is still a process. He's not planning on having any more kids at the moment, but then again, he initially didn't see himself having kids -- let alone twins -- in his late '50s.

We wish George Clooney a safe and speedy recovery.