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Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham Now Facing Big Charges From Hotel Arrest

Farrah Abraham Dr. Phil interview

Last month, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was arrested after an altercation with an employee at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The reality TV star reportedly struck a security guard after she was asked to leave and refused. According to eyewitnesses on the scene, Abraham was, allegedly, drunk during the incident, and she hit the security guard in the face with her forearm, grabbed him by the ear and then pushed his head when he tried to prevent her from reentering the building. The injuries the security guard received were believed to be minor, but it was unclear what the legal ramifications of the attack would be.

Now, we have some answers. As it is being reported today, prosecutors have filed two charges against Farrah Abraham: battery and resisting an officer. If convicted on both charges, there's a chance the former Teen Mom reality TV star could face upwards of 18 months in jail. Evidently, the situation is more serious than Abraham believed it would be, as she felt her side of the story would clear things up.

Indeed, shortly after she was arrested, a publicist for Farrah Abraham wanted fans to know that she would release her side of the story when she was released from jail. Evidently, that didn't happen. The publicist also claimed that Abraham would be focusing on her business line again when she was granted her freedom, as well as her daughter, who remains Abraham's "#1 priority" in her everyday life.

Both crimes are misdemeanors, but there is video of Farrah Abraham being belligerent and vindictive to the police officers who reported to the scene in June. According to TMZ, Abraham was yelling "go fuck yourself" to the officers, in addition to other taunts and cuss words, and she was also later seen yelling and crying when she was being taken away by the police. The evidence is there. Now, it's a matter of seeing how the court will side. She was arrested at 1 a.m. and held at bail for $500. This hotel arrest is not the first time Farrah Abraham has found herself in trouble in the court of law.

In addition to this incident in June, Farrah Abraham was also arrested for a DUI a few years back. At the time of the arrest, Farrah insisted that there was more to this arresting story than the media was claiming. She later admitted that she was drunk at the time of the arrest, and she eventually plead guilty to the charges held against her. She agreed to six-months probation, as well as another $500 fine and six months of legal sobriety. Evidently, Abraham has a history of drunken legal troubles, which won't win her many sympathy votes when it comes to her next court date appearance. Nevertheless, we'll have to wait and see how the former Big Brother television personality is received in the eyes of the court. We'll be sure to keep you posted about Farrah Abraham's situation right here at CinemaBlend.

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