McDonald's Employees Throw Down With Unruly Customer In Insane Fist Fight

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McDonald's signature catchphrase, "I'm Lovin' It," definitely wasn't felt by one customer. An altercation earlier this week at one undisclosed McDonald's location found a customer getting into a heated fight with two employees. What started the brawl? The soda machine. Reportedly, when a woman tried to use a water cup to grab some soda from the foundation (which is deeply frowned upon in the world of fast food franchising) she found herself in one nasty battle with the fast food chain. Of course, it should be noted that McDonald's doesn't condone this behavior.

It's not entirely clear what happened during this tussle. But as it was reported by TMZ, the unidentified woman found herself getting heated with two female employees at the McDonald's location when she was asked not to put soda in her water cup. She retaliated by seemingly throwing food and bad language at the employees, while also possibly saying some unkind words about their moms in the process. Based on the video put online, it was those derogatory comments that got the women behind the counter fired up, and they swiftly started throwing punches and blows at the customer. Evidently, the customer is not always right, and the battle between the customer and the employees was a particularly violent and fairly extreme one.

Lots of things happen throughout the course of the fight. Hair is pulled. Cuss words are uttered. Punches are thrown. Chairs are lifted. Nudity occurs. It is a fight with a little bit of everything, it seems. Based on what we've seen in this video, it's the employees who win the fight over the disgruntled customer -- although, it's not clear if those employees will remain employed by McDonald's for long. Because we're pretty sure McDonald's doesn't want this image to represent their brand. Just a wild guess, of course. But at the time of this reporting, both the customer and the employees haven't been identified by the public. McDonald's, however, is reportedly conducting an investigation of the incident, and they'll determine what happens next.

Of course, with a chain as ubiquitous as McDonald's, there's always bound to be controversy one day or another. Sure enough, McDonald's has dealt with their fair share of headaches and bad headlines in the past. For instance, last year, McDonald's found itself in the news again (and in hot water again) when a McDonald's employee got fired for messing up a cop's drink order. Oops. It should be noted, though, that it wasn't simply a matter of giving the policeman a cup of Sprite when the officer asked for Diet Coke. Apparently, the former McDonald's employee decided to seriously mess with the officer by putting mustard inside his Dr. Pepper. Yikes. Speaking of McDonald's controversies, we don't need to bring up Rick & Morty or Szechuan Sauce, do we? Yeah, we didn't so...

On the lighter side of things, however, the popular chain company gained some good PR from a video showcasing Americans trying McDonald's signature food for the first time. So, not every piece of news that comes out about McDonald's is completely bad. Meanwhile, whatever news comes out about the fast food chain, we'll be sure to keep you posted right here at CinemaBlend.

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