We May Finally Know What Caused Demi Lovato's Overdose

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Last month, Demi Lovato was rushed to the hospital. It was initially believed to be a heroin overdose, although this rumor was later debunked by the pop singer's doctor and family. In the weeks since Lovato's terrifying medical ordeal, it never became clear what caused Lovato's medical emergency. Today, we might have an answer to that question. As it was just reported, Demi Lovato was reportedly freebasing Oxycodone that was laced with fentanyl, and that's what caused her health to spiral. Thankfully, she was revitalized shortly before she was taken to the hospital. Here's what we know.

This information was speculated by TMZ, and it's not officially confirmed. As such, we should probably take it all with a grain of salt. Unnamed sources who are reportedly close to the situation allege Demi Lovato's near-death overdose reportedly began with a text conversation after a birthday bash. The star reportedly texted a dealer to come to her house to provide her with the drugs. It was shortly after this drug dealer got this text that he came to her house and they started freebasing Oxycodone.

According to the report, the drug dealer allegedly got the drugs from out of the country, and then provided it to the pop singer. Unbeknownst to Demi Lovato or the unnamed drug dealer, the Oxy was reportedly laced with fentanyl, the same drug that killed Prince. It's believed the fentanyl triggered Lovato's near-fatal overdose, and the drug dealer seemingly fled from the house when Lovato started breathing heavily in her bed.

The drug dealer that supplied Demi Lovato with the fentanyl-laced Oxycodone has reportedly been supplying the celebrity since April. As far as this report indicates, the most recent recent fix is the first time Lovato received a bad supply from this individual. Lovato was found by her staff near noon on July 24th, which is three weeks ago today. Medical experts were rushed to her Hollywood Hills home, and Lovato was revived through Narcan. While the original reports indicated it was a heroin overdose which drove the starlet to the hospital, that was not the case. Although what matters most is that the overdose was not fatal, and Lovato is stable.

Shortly after Demi Lovato was placed in the hospital, Kerissa Dunn, Demi Lovato's aunt, wrote on social media that her niece was "awake and responsive." Lovato was placed in the hospital for the next remaining two weeks before she was placed into rehab, where Demi Lovato is currently seeking treatment.

Nearly two weeks after Demi Lovato was placed in Cedars-Sinai hospital, Demi Lovato (or a representative for the troubled celebrity) reached out to her Instagram followers to update them on her current situation. She admitted in the post that she has "always been transparent" about her journey with addiction, and she reminded her followers that the disease isn't something that simply goes away, even after six years of sobriety. She thanked her fans, friends, family, and followers, as well as the people in Cedars-Sinai, for their ongoing support during Lovato's struggle. Demi Lovato will now spend her time focusing on her personal health and recovery, and she recently canceled the upcoming dates on her tour to better herself and regain sobriety.

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