Demi Lovato Reportedly Stable After Overdose And Relapse

Demi Lovato "Stone Cold" Music Video

Yesterday afternoon, we were met with the shocking and tragic news that Demi Lovato was being rushed to the hospital in what was believed to be a heroin overdose in her Hollywood Hills home. The pop singer and film/TV actress hasn't shied away from opening up about her struggles with addiction and mental health, recently admitting that she relapsed after years of sobriety. Her battles ultimately lead to yesterday's terrifying trip to the emergency room. Fans and followers everywhere having been praying for Lovato's safe recovery, and today, we have an update on the musician/actress's current condition. As it is being reported, Demi Lovato is "awake" and in "stable" condition after she was treated in a Los Angeles hospital. Admittedly, some information that was released might not be completely accurate.

When the story first broke, it was reported that Demi Lovato was overdosing on heroin. However, according to Fox News, that wasn't actually the case -- although it's unclear what drug caused yesterday's scary incident. Lovato was reportedly unwilling to tell paramedics what drugs caused the overdose, and the pop musician allegedly needed to be revived by the opioid treatment drug Narcan before she was rushed to the hospital. There were no drugs found on the scene, and there were no charges pressed either. When it comes to further details about Lovato's condition, a representative is saying that Demi Lovato and her friends and family are requesting privacy at this difficult time, although they wanted to stress that not every piece of information that came out in a blur yesterday was true.

According to a variety of sources, Kerissa Dunn, Demi Lovato's aunt, was the one who posted that her niece was "awake and responsive" on social media. Prior to yesterday, Lovato was in the midst of preparing for a month of performances in a variety of locations, including Atlantic City, N.J., where the pop singer was expected to perform on Thursday. That concert has officially been cancelled. Demi Lovato was also scheduled to perform concerts in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, among other destinations. The status of those upcoming concerts is currently unclear at the time of this reporting.

While Demi Lovato's overdose was shocking to a number of people, TMZ claims that it wasn't a surprise for some people close to the musician. Beyond the release of her new song, "Sober," which contained the confession that she had relapsed, it was sadly evident to them that Lovato had returned to using drugs. The signs were foretelling for weeks, according to one source. And Demi Lovato also reportedly had a big falling out with her sober coach only the month before. But not everyone close to Demi Lovato believes the signs were written on the wall. Many other people were just as surprised and heartbroken to hear the news as we were yesterday, and they say it might relate to Demi Lovato's ability to make it seem like she was healthy and vibrant on her social media.

It was only earlier this year when Demi Lovato updated her fans by telling them she was six years sober. The pop singer has discussed her addictions and battles with mental health in an open and conversational fashion for a number of years, in the hope that she can provide support and use her platforms and celebrity status as a source of inspiration for millions of people who might be dealing with the same troubles she faced. Many of these challenges were chronicled in the recent documentary, Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated, which was released exclusively on YouTube Red. There's no doubt that many fans are wishing her a safe and speedy recovery, as do we. We'll continue to provide you updates on Demi Lovato's health and medical condition when they arrive right here at CinemaBlend.

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