Casey Affleck Talks Family's Role In Ben's Sobriety

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It was only a few weeks ago when Ben Affleck was reportedly confronted about his alcoholism by his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, and once again sent to rehab to battle his vices and demons at her behest. Understandably, any updates have since been few-and-far-between, with the actor hopefully focused on his health and well-being. Although, it's safe to say that Affleck has a number of people looking out for his ongoing recovery. That includes his younger brother, Casey Affleck, who was asked about Ben's state of mind during a recent press junket for his film. Here's what Casey Affleck said.

Alcoholism has a huge impact on not just the person, but also their family. So, I think for his kids' sake and for their mom, and for himself, he's trying to do the work and get it together.

Casey Affleck's comments about Ben Affleck were collected during the press day for The Old Man and the Gun, as it was reported by Entertainment Tonight. As the Academy Award-winning actor suggested, it is not merely for Ben's own well-being that the actor/director is seeking treatment. Rather, Ben is also looking out for the concerns of his children and their mother during this difficult time. As Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are finally getting the details in place for their long-in-the-works divorce, Ben's alcoholism has reportedly been a big factor in delaying the proceedings. The celebrity couple wants to make sure that the famous father is well-adjusted in his life before they figure out how to handle matters like custody.

Furthermore, Casey Affleck noted that the Afflecks come from a long line of addicts, and it's important that Ben Affleck confronts his addictions.

Ben is an addict and an alcoholic. Most of my grandparents are alcoholics. My father is an alcoholic, as bad as you can be, and he's been sober for about 30 years. I've been sober for about six years. Ben is trying to put it together, and it can be a very hard thing to do. He has the kind of resources and time, luckily, to take the time and go to a good facility.

Ben Affleck's ongoing stint in rehab is his third time seeking treatment. To be more specific, Ben was previously in rehab in 2001 and December of last year. The actor/filmmaker entered rehab nearly one month ago in late August. He is expected to stay at least 30 days inside the treatment center, so it's unclear at this moment if he plans to check himself out shortly thereafter, or if he's going to stay inside the rehabilitation center for a few days or weeks longer. At the very least, however, Ben Affleck appears to be taking the treatment seriously. He was reportedly agreed to Jennifer Garner's request to seek help, and the actor wants what's best for both himself and his family, which includes his three children: Violet (12), Seraphina (9), and Samuel (6).

The Old Man and the Gun enters theaters on September 28th.

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