Ringo Starr Says He Didn't Masturbate With His Beatles Bandmates

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Roughly one month ago, music lovers around the world received an unusual bit of trivia about The Beatles from Sir Paul McCartney. During a profile piece with the legendary singer-songwriter to promote his solo album Egypt Station, McCartney revealed that during their early days together, he and John Lennon, along with a couple of Lennon's mates, got together, turned off the lights and masturbated together while seated in a circle.

While Paul McCartney was quick to note that these intimate masturbation sessions were very early on in life, possibly even before John Lennon and McCartney formed The Beatles together, more than a few Beatles fans were perhaps wondering: did Ringo Starr get involved? The only living member of the iconic band besides Sir McCartney, the folks over at TMZ were ultimately willing to confront Ringo Starr about the lingering question. With an unsurprising bit of unease, Starr cleared the air on the matter, claiming it was before his time with The Beatles. As the tabloid publication cheekily notes, the musician "came later."

Well, that was before I joined... No, no.

When Ringo Starr was asked if he "missed out," all he could do was provide a hearty laugh. After all, it's an awkward conversation to bring up, and even the typical brash cameraman over at TMZ looks uncomfortable discussing this delicate and personal topic in front of the world-famous musician. Nevertheless, Ringo was able to provide an answer to that lingering question (if it was lingering at all...), and put the topic to rest.

Paul McCartney's original story was illuminating piece of information, and one that received no shortage of ridicule from cheeky social media users. You don't want to know how many people made puns based on songs like "Come Together" and "With A Little Help From My Friends."

Ringo Starr was in the news earlier this year for a matter that was more of distinguished note. As it was alluded to earlier in the article, Ringo Starr was officially knighted by the royal family -- an honor that was bestowed upon the iconic musical group as a whole back in 1965 and a distinction that was also given to Paul McCartney by himself in 1997, making Ringo the second living Beatle to enter knighthood.

While Ringo Starr has shared many memories with Paul McCartney and the late John Lennon, this particular reflection is one that is only held by McCartney, not Ringo. And it sounds like Ringo isn't disappointed in the slightest about being left out to the equation with this particular matter.

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