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Alec Baldwin The Alec Baldwin Show

On Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin has developed a pattern of making fun of the news by portraying President Donald Trump in a series of lampooning skits. This weekend, however, it was Baldwin who found himself making headlines after being arrested for reportedly engaging in fisticuffs with a stranger over a New York parking spot. Now that the incident has become national news, Wojciech Cieszkowski -- the man who was allegedly punched -- has explained how he's feeling.

You know, sore, but I'll be fine. I'm recovering.

Wojciech Cieszkowski's response to the altercation, produced by Fox News, suggests the pedestrian wasn't willing to indulge in speaking at length about the nasty encounter with the controversial celebrity. Given the legal stipulations involved, that isn't so surprising.

Cieszkowski did admit he had seen Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live "a few times" before he met him face-to-face -- in more ways than one -- during this incident Friday afternoon in Manhattan. However, when Cieszkowski was asked if he would continue watching Baldwin on future appearances of SNL, the man admitted he "can't say for now," leaving the touchy matter up in the air.

As it was reported by NBC News, Alec Baldwin was taken into custody over the weekend following an argument about a parking space in Greenwich Village. At the time, the 30 Rock actor was charged with third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, and harassment. He is accused of making "physical contact" with the left side of Wojciech Cieszkowski's face. Wojciech Cieszkowski reportedly carries no visible bruises at this time.

Alec Baldwin denied the charges on social media, hoping to dodge excess attention from this encounter, which comes at a tough time for the celeb. His ABC chat series The Alec Baldwin Show isn't doing so hot in the ratings, and it seems unlikely that ABC will renew the show once its initial nine episodes air. It should also be noted that Baldwin did not make an appearance on Saturday Night Live last night, though it's unclear if he was supposed to or not.

To add insult to injury -- if that's the phrase that should be used -- the NBC variety sketch series made light of the situation by calling him "disgraced former actor Alec Baldwin." Ouch. Does that mean we shouldn't expect to see Baldwin's impression on Saturday Night Live anymore? Time will tell...

Alec Baldwin was released from custody at 4 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 2, with harassment and assault charges still being investigated. It's unclear what'll happen next to the film and TV star regarding his legal situation. Meanwhile, for more updates and developments on celebrity news and more, be sure to check back in with CinemaBlend.