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Nicole Kidman Talks Supporting Her Children's Scientology

Nicole Kidman Big Little Lies

Throughout the past few years, Nicole Kidman has been more forthcoming about her personal life -- particularly her fractured relationship with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise. That includes talking about her eldest children, Isabella (25) and Connor Cruise (23), whom she shares with the A-list celebrity. While Kidman has been fairly reserved about discussing her children in the past, the Boy Erased actress talked about her children in a new interview. She also discussed their devotion to Scientology, and how she supports her kids for making their own decisions -- including in their religious beliefs.

They are adults. They are able to make their own decisions. They have made choices to be Scientologists and, as a mother, it's my job to love them. And I am an example of that tolerance and that's what I believe -- that no matter what your child does, the child has love and the child has to know there is available love and I'm open here. I think that's so important because if that is taken away from a child, to sever that in any child, in any relationship, in any family -- I believe it's wrong. So that's our job as a parent, to always offer unconditional love.

Nicole Kidman's recent comments about Isabella and Conner Cruise were found in her interview with the Australian publication WHO. Her movie Boy Erased sees Kidman plays the wife of a Baptist preacher, played by Russell Crowe, who discovers that her teenage son is gay. As such, the publication wanted to learn more about the actress's relationship with her own children -- including her two adult children that she often doesn't talk about in public settings. While Kidman has been rather reluctant to talk about her kids in the past, she did offer a couple quotes this time around.

I'm very private about all that. I have to protect all those relationships. I know 150 percent that I would give up my life for my children because it's what my purpose is.

As a high-profile celebrity, Nicole Kidman knows how important it is to protect her children from the public spotlight-- particularly if they would rather live private lives. That said, how that her children are fully-grown adults, she understands that they need to make decisions for themselves. When it relates to their religious beliefs, Kidman knows that it is ultimately their choice. If they believe in the principles taught by Scientology, that's their own decision.

In addition to her recent comments about Conner and Isabella Cruise, Nicole Kidman also recently opened up about the miscarriages she had while she was married to Tom Cruise. While it is a difficult subject to relive, it continues the actress's new tradition of revealing more about her past struggles.

Boy Erased is currently playing in theaters. Additionally, Nicole Kidman is also soon set to be seen in Destroyer and Aquaman starting next month.

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