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The California wildfires -- including the Woolsey Fire in Southern California -- have been devastating. So far, 31 people are reported to have died in the rampant wildfires across the state, and there is more desolation expected ahead. Amid the flames, several properties have been burned entirely in the local area -- including the houses of several high-profile people. Gerard Butler was one of those celebrities, and he posted a picture of the devastation on Twitter.

Gerard Butler's social media post is just one example of the property damage that has been found in the Southern California area, and there is more damage expected to come as the flames continue to spread. Although this natural disaster is a terrible tragedy, filled with sorrow and loss, Butler is touched and moved by the sacrifices made by the local firefighters in the area. The film actor is inspired by their courage.

Additionally, Gerard Butler took the time to ask people to support these men and women in the Los Angeles Fire Department as they continue to battle these flames and dangers. It remains a difficult time for everyone in the area, and he hopes people can help however they can amid this destruction.

In addition to Gerard Butler, other celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Neil Young have also lost their homes in the Malibu area due to the ongoing fires (via Variety). The multiple statewide wildfires have spread across hundreds of thousands of acres. In addition to Gerard Butler speaking out about the Woolsey Fire, Miley Cyrus has also discussed the fire damage of her property. Here's what she said.

In a follow-up tweet, Miley Cyrus continued to ask people to donate their time, money, and supplies if they could. Cyrus also expressed her gratitude to the firefighters for all their commitment and hard work, and she also offered her heartfelt appreciation for the county's sheriff's department.

Neil Young has also spoken out publicly about the forest fires. The timing is especially terrible for the rock star, as today is his birthday. We hope he is safe and kept out of harm's way during this difficult struggle. We're glad to know Miley Cyrus and Gerard Butler are reportedly safe, despite the horrible circumstances of this past week's devastating fires.

Gerard Butler can currently be seen in Hunter Killer, which is playing in theaters. He was also seen in Den of Thieves earlier this year. We hope he finds peace during this very difficult time, and we hope the same for Miley Cyrus, Neil Young, and everyone else in California affected by these ongoing wildfires.

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