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Roseanne Barr's YouTube Channel

Roseanne Barr is doing fine, despite what the Internet might believe. While there were reports claiming the Roseanne star fell ill to a sudden heart attack, the outspoken comedian went on social media to let everyone know that wasn't actually the case. In fact, Barr claims the whole thing was a "prank."

First, Roseanne Barr confirmed that she is alive and well by posting an unusual photo of herself in what appears to be a pirate outfit of some kind. Take a look.

Later, in response to this tweet, Roseanne Barr elaborated more on her condition. Barr claims that not only was this rumor completely false and not at all authentic, but the former television star also says she was "the victim of a prank." It was seemingly a way to spread lies based on her lack of Internet usage over the past few months. She has been focused on different things since Roseanne was canceled by ABC earlier this year. At the moment, the comedian claims that she's currently relaxing and spending time with family thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday that recently occurred in the U.S. last Thursday.

The Internet carries no shortage of false rumors and even death hoaxes. It can be hard to know what's real and what's false. Regardless, Roseanne Barr wants to set the record straight about her health, and she wasn't afraid to do it in a fairly bizarre fashion. For the last time, despite what might be said online, Barr is not in the hospital at the moment due to a holiday heart attack. She's alive and seemingly doing pretty well, keeping her focus on her family and loved ones now.

As for where the bogus heart attack story originated from, Today says it was reportedly an individual claiming to be Rosanne Barr's assistant who phoned into a Periscope segment with Lee Stranahan. The fake assistant was the person who suggested that Barr was in the hospital due to a heart attack, but Barr broke her Internet silence to dispute those allegations and to let her followers know they shouldn't worry.

Meanwhile, while Roseanne Barr has been axed from Roseanne, the rest of the cast and crew have focused their attention on the new spin-off series, The Conners, which premiered earlier this fall. Roseanne hasn't been shy about expressing her thoughts and feelings about the show. The comedienne claims she won't watch the new show, even spoiling the fate of her demised character before the new spinoff series premiered a couple months earlier. In the meantime, Barr hasn't been happy about how the show handles more than a few different plot points, but that didn't lead to a heart attack.

While it's hard to know what will happen next for Roseanne Barr, it appears the recent hoax regarding her flailing health was simply fabricated. Meanwhile, for more updates and developments in television, pop culture, film, video games and a whole lot more, you can be sure to check back with CinemaBlend.