Kevin Smith Explains Why Ben Affleck Won't Speak To Him Anymore

Ben Affleck Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice / Kevin Smith Silent But Deadly Poster

For years, Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck appeared to be as close as Hollywood friends could be. They made movies together -- six, in fact, and that's not even counting Smith's involvement with Daredevil. They swapped stories about each other regularly, and they appeared to be extremely chummy. But those days silently faded away not long ago, and it wasn't entirely clear what happened. Well, Smith believes he's the one to blame for the dissolve of their public friendship. To be more specific, the writer/director blames his "big mouth," claiming he might've shared one story too many about them.

If I had to guess? It's because one of us has a big mouth and told too many candid stories that sometimes weren't his to tell, and the other one is Ben.

The honest confession came from Kevin Smith (obviously) on Twitter. While Kevin Smith is usually open and honest about many things, especially on social media (maybe to a fault), his fractured relationship with Ben Affleck was something that rarely comes up. It wasn't entirely clear what went down. Was there a fight? Were insults thrown? Well, when someone on the social media site asked Smith upfront why they don't talk anymore, the filmmaker gave the above extremely honest answer.

It's hard when friendships fade. And since this is a private matter, we don't know for sure Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck stopped being buddies. In fact, Smith might not be completely sure either. It's possible that with everything going on in Ben Affleck's life -- from the rise of his directing career, to the fallout of his marriage, to his much-discussed role as Batman, to his stint in rehab -- that he is focusing more on himself than his friends. But considering that Affleck is still (seemingly) BFFs with Matt Damon, one assumes that the cold shoulder Affleck extended to Smith was personal.

It's a bummer for fans, but Kevin Smith is seemingly accepting the blame here. It's hard to have consistent expectations when you are friends with an A-list celebrity, but it sounds like Smith thinks his own mouth is the reason for the divide. Smith apparently shared one too many secrets with the hungry public about Ben Affleck's life, and that didn't sit well with The Accountant star.

If Kevin Smith is going to keep divulging personal information to the masses, then perhaps Ben Affleck won't feel comfortable sharing too many things with the prolific podcaster. Especially during this current vulnerable time in his personal life.

While Kevin Smith doesn't seem to be happy about his broken friendship with Ben Affleck, he doesn't sound defeated either. Rather than beat himself up, Smith is accepting his part in their feud, and admitting that these are the consequences of speaking out so publicly. So while both filmmakers are working regularly, Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith likely won't work together again anytime soon.

Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck first became friends in the '90s around the rise of their respective careers. Smith was instrumental in helping Good Will Hunting be seen by the masses, and Affleck appeared in a number of films directed by Smith. Those include Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl and a brief appearance in Clerks II, which was the last Kevin Smith movie to feature the actor. Smith was also the one who championed Affleck for the part of Daredevil, which didn't go over too well. In fact, that film lead to Affleck meeting his wife, Jennifer Garner.

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