Lindsay Lohan Finally Addresses Viral Video Where She Got Punched

Lindsay Lohan Mean Girls

As you might recall, there was a moment earlier this year when Lindsay Lohan was struck across the face by a mother in Moscow. It was after the actress tried to take the kids away from their mom, inexplicably believing that the woman-in-question was trying to traffic her own children. Things certainly escalated quickly, and that's not the half of it.

The whole interaction was captured, oddly enough, on Periscope, through Lindsay Lohan herself. It resulted in one of the most unusual moments in pop culture in 2018 -- a year full of bizarre antics and sheer weirdness. Lohan hasn't publicly addressed this strange incident since it happened a few months ago. Now, she's finally discussed the perplexing gaffe, admitting fault by saying:

I read the situation wrong. I've learned from it. And that's all I have to say.

The topic was discussed (if briefly) during a recent cover story with Paper Magazine. In the profile piece, Lindsay Lohan remained a bit tight-lipped about the whole matter, but she did admit that she read the situation "wrong," and she is hoping to learn from it. Otherwise, Lohan didn't have much else to say. Of course, there was a complex story involved, especially related to the mother and children that Lohan approached in the infamous live-stream.

While Lindsay Lohan has nothing else to say about the Periscope incident, she wasn't done talking in the interview. She went on to talk about her fame, and how she has constantly been a fixture of bad press, paparazzi flashes, and bad headlines. The Mean Girls actress confessed that she wasn't a fan of these type of stories, claiming she's surrounded by them. Lohan believes there's good to her public profile, but the media only focuses on the wrongdoing. She claims she's simply human and the film actress, like many, doesn't want to be labeled by her mistakes. Alas, that's what continues to happen. As she tells it:

I would love to know why I get constantly clobbered in the press. I could do 99 things right and one thing wrong, but it's that one thing that will be focused on. Behind the scenes I do what I can to be the best version of me, which never gets mentioned. I am also human. I make mistakes. That's all that seems to get reported.

While Lindsay Lohan has been able to avoid the media's gaze in recent years, having moved outside of the U.S. and becoming an entrepreneur in the Middle East, she has earned some attention of late for starting her own reality TV series, tentatively titled Lohan Beach Club, which is expected to air on MTV sometime in the near future.

Lindsay Lohan also received criticism for making controversial comments about the #MeToo movement, which she quickly apologized for. I'm sure Lohan will find herself in the news again soon -- although it doesn't seem like that's what she's hoping for. We'll keep you posted at CinemaBlend.

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