Lindsay Lohan Accused A Couple Of Child Trafficking On Camera, And Then She Got Hit

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For a little while, it was quiet on the Lindsay Lohan front. The former star-turned-media fixture kept a low profile when she moved out of the country and started to make a new living for herself in the Middle East. Regardless, in a recent live video from Lohan, The Parent Trap performer found herself live-streaming a strange series of events -- the result of which is hard to explain and even harder to make sense of. In the bizarre new online video, Lindsay Lohan was seen accusing a woman of trafficking her own children. Then, the actress proceeded to take the children away from their mother, only to be struck in the face by the mother in the process. It's a run of events that you might need to see to truly believe.

As it was recounted by TMZ, Lindsay Lohan was in Moscow inside her car when she spotted a family, including two boys. Claiming they were Syrian refugees, Lohan proceeded to approach the family and extended her hand to help them, all while broadcasting these events on a live video stream for the world to see. It was shortly thereafter that Lohan accused the parents of trying to traffic their children, and she began to speak to them in both English and Arabic. The family moves away from Lohan, but the actress tries to take the children away from the mother. That's when the mom hit Lohan in the face and proceeded to take herself and her children away from the celebrity. Lohan, in a state of distress, claims she was in shock.

You can watch the Lindsay Lohan video for yourself below, courtesy of Euronews.

It's unclear why Lindsay Lohan decided to do what she did in the first place, let alone broadcast on her social media feeds. Nevertheless, the actress produced yet another strange and unusual news story -- the likes of which she was able to avoid for a good bit of time until rather recently, around the time she announced that she was hoping to get back into the media spotlight again with the arrival of her new reality TV series, tentatively titled Lohan Beach Club. It's unclear when that new show is expected to air, but it will be broadcast on MTV.

Furthermore, Lindsay Lohan also recently found herself in the news when she made critical remarks about the #MeToo movement. Specifically, she drew attention when she claimed that women "look weak" when they come forward to speak. Lohan has since apologized for what she said.

Evidently, this newest update from Lindsay Lohan is one of the strangest things she's done to date -- and that's really saying something for Lohan.

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