Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Want To Be Known As A Party Girl

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Lindsay Lohan wants to change her public image. Specifically, she doesn't want to be known as a "party girl" anymore. The 31-year-old actress was undoubtedly notorious for her hard drinking and drug use earlier in her life, but Lohan believes that's no longer representative who she is. Now settled into the Middle East, Lindsay Lohan considers herself a changed person, no longer associated with the reckless debauchery of her previous life in Los Angeles. Here's how the former child star explained her new perspective, and how her lifestyle today is totally different. The Lindsay Lohan of yesteryear might be gone entirely, according to this most recent profile.

I get so uncomfortable with that word, party. People are still stuck in the past, of the stories I had in LA and I hate it. It was all lies. That's why I opened my club in Greece, because I thought what's the one thing that people have most misconstrued about me? It was probably about me always going to clubs, and so I was just like, 'well, I'll make my own'. And now I never go to clubs!

Considered to be "quieter, softly spoken [and] refreshingly reflective" these days (she also has -- or had -- a new accent), according to the Emirates Woman profile, Lindsay Lohan is a business woman now. In fact, she has venues in Athens and Mykonos. She's also adding one in Dubai as well, where she currently lives. Lohan fancies the lack of paparazzi these days, as she is no longer the tabloid-friendly personality she was throughout her late teens and troubled 20s. Now that she is settled into Dubai, she also finds herself no longer listening to the gossip that comes out about other people, notably those who have taken her place in most recent years.

Moving here was a fresh start. You hear more about real current events rather than celebrity gossip, which I really appreciate... At first I lived mainly on the Palm, so I didn't really see anyone. And it's not like I'm going out at night much, it's a very different lifestyle for me. I moved here for that purpose -- I don't have to be publicly seen all the time, or discuss what I'm doing.

Admittedly, Lindsay Lohan confessed that her days are now spend at home watching Netflix rather than partying in any sort of manner. Still, Lindsay Lohan will still find herself in the news sometimes, sometimes (or often) with stories with little regard for the truth, in her opinion. It's currently unclear if that presidential run might've been the real deal.

One rumor that might hold some weight, however, is the claim that Lohan has switched to Islam as her religion. She claims it's a "peaceful, personal" path she is currently exploring, although she confesses in this newest interview that she remains open to "all religions" at this point in time. She's going through a journey of personal re-growth.

My main base for spirituality is not living in a subconscious, but living with an awareness that there are more things that we can do to help other people. And that takes understanding of that person and their culture and their mentality first... I've had a really wonderful experience with people taking me under their wing, and teaching me more about the culture. I'm a very spiritual person so I'm always interested in religions, and faiths and beliefs and higher powers.

In any case, Lindsay Lohan has found peace in the Middle East, at least on a personal front. She claims the constant news cycles left her "numb," and she has found some tranquility away from that noise. But she hasn't left acting behind, though. Even though she's keeping herself busy with different projects away from film and the flashing camera bulbs, she is planning to shoot a movie called Frame later this year in Saudi Arabia. The Mean Girls star is also set to appear in the crime thriller The Shadow Within, which is expected to be released later this year. She was also campaigning to appear in Batgirl, once set to be directed by Joss Whedon. Lohan is also going to be on TV in the series Sick Note. She was also reportedly pushing to make Mean Girls 2 come to life, but like fletch, it's probably not gonna happen. Some things stay the same, but Lindsay Lohan is proud to say that her party days are now behind her.

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