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Jersey Shore's Ronnie Claims Daughter Might Not Be His

Ronnie Ortiz-Margo Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Uh oh. There appears to be some more drama going on for Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley, the mother of his child. Or, perhaps the father of someone else's kid? While the contentious couple has had their fair share of difficulties throughout the years, which have been chronicled at length in Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, this latest scandal might be among their biggest to date. As it is reported, Ronnie claims the kid he shares with Jen Harley might not, in fact, actually be his flesh-and-blood. And to top it all off, Ronnie dished out the dilemma on his social media.

Ronnie Ortiz-Margo left the (potential) big news slip on his Instagram Story (which was saved and recounted by Perez Hilton). He posted a screenshot of text messages he sent to "J," which is presumed to be Jen Harley. He talks about how Jen "denied" for four months that she spoke to someone and he went on to talk about how much the whole thing messed him up. Then Ronnie talks about how bringing this individual back into their lives again after Ronnie and Jen had their child together "just proves u can't let go." Then, on the side of this screenshot, Ronnie wrote the following response:

When you find out you've been getting played and the child you have given the world and the only thing brings u happiness might not be yours #IPrayNobodyEverHasToFeelThisPainOrConfusion

The message has since been deleted from Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's social media, but the Internet obviously saved it. Now, the reality television personality isn't saying outright that Ariana Sky isn't his child. Rather, he implies he's been given that hint, and now he's in a world of confusion about the state of his fatherhood. That's a level of darkness and messed-up that nobody should have to deal with, yet it's the problem currently plaguing Ronnie's heart.

Even if the child is, in fact, Ronnie's, these text messages suggest that Ronnie Ortiz-Margo and Jen Harley are, once again, dealing with great troubles. They have never had a consistent relationship, but these past few months have suggested that they are working hard to keep themselves together for the sake of their children, at least. When we last reported about the Jersey Shore couple, it was revealed that Jen and Ronnie were expecting another child together. While Jen is most definitely pregnant, it's possible that Ronnie isn't the father of that child or the one that they currently share together.

Furthermore, Ronnie Ortiz-Margo didn't even finish filming the final episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2, since he was reportedly taking time away from the camera to raise their first child together, notably since Jen Harley was released on bond for charges of domestic battery.

It wasn't clear if the decision was Ronnie's own or if it was made by MTV, but it suggested that Ronnie was trying to be the best father he could be for their kid. You can imagine, then, why this potential news revelation is such a heartbreaking one for the reality TV personality during this heart-wrenching period.

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