British Actor Accidentally Posts Bank Card Information On Instagram

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Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, they are big mistakes, sometimes, they're small mistakes. And occasionally, we make extremely big mistakes. Dean Gaffney, a British actor best known for his work on Eastenders, is somebody who made a huge, gigantic error. What mistake did Gaffney make? Well, he accidentally posted his bank information on Instagram, making it available for all the world to see. Whoops! Sure enough, he's not very happy.

The bank information blunder was reported by The Sun. In the photograph, Dean Gaffney is seemingly in a restaurant and/or bar/pub of some variety and he's receiving a kiss on the forehead by his girlfriend, Rebekah Ward. Seems innocent enough, right? Well, if you look in his hand, you can see Dean Gaffney's exposed Visa credit card in the frame. The numbers are visible and everything. Sure enough, it didn't take long for the web to notice.

That's certainly not something you want to post onto social media -- especially if you are an actor of some note like Dean Gaffney. Sure enough, he's getting a lot of flack for it online. One doesn't simply make a mistake on the Internet. If you are a celebrity, you get a lot of people calling out the error of your ways in a big way. And that's without taking into account that people could, you know, take those card numbers and then take his money too.

Thankfully, it didn't take long for Dean Gaffney to notice what he did wrong. Especially when there were several people in the comment section saying, "I can read your bank card." The post was deleted instantly, then it reappeared on the social media site with one notable difference: the numbers were blocked out, preventing anyone else from reading what they were. But one has to assume someone saved the original picture. So, it might be time to get new cards altogether. Assume, of course, that Gaffney has not already done so. You certainly can't play it too safe when it comes to these things.

Credit card theft is no laughing matter, but manner through which Dean Gaffney revealed his credit card information certainly earned him a lot of jokesters in his comment section, laughing at his enormous mistake. Sure enough, it should hopefully teach Gaffney to be more careful about what he posts online in the future. There's a good chance the television actor will be triple checking every single picture he posts on Instagram in the future.

Alas, we all make mistakes. It's only human nature. Whether small or big, everyone you know (including yourself) makes a mistake or two. Unfortunately, though, some mistakes are pretty big. And this mistake was undeniably huge. Hopefully, Dean Gaffney learned from these mistakes and moves forward as best as possible in the future -- on social media and otherwise.

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