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This weekend proved to be a career high point for Cardi B. The rap artist walked away with her first Grammy this Sunday, winning Best Rap Album for Invasion of Privacy, and she has been trying to enjoy the benefits as best she can. But when there was a backlash directed her way following the album's recent success, the "I Like It" musician went on an expletive-filled rant about the situation, and then promptly deleted her Instagram account to tune out the noise. And while Cardi B is remaining silent this week on social media, she does have one person championing her: Lady Gaga. The actress and fellow singer went onto Twitter and said:

The supportive tweet from Lady Gaga finds the fellow musician championing not only Cardi B, but women in the industry in general-- claiming that many of them have so many uphill battles to climb when trying to find success. To earn the type of success that Cardi B is currently enjoying at the moment takes a lot of hard work, talent and perseverance, and Lady Gaga is certainly respectful of that dedication. Looks like she hates to see Cardi B get taken down so easily during a pivotal time of success for the rap musician, and wants to let Cardi B know that she is a fan and that she loves her work. While Cardi has her detractors, she also has fans.

There's no doubt that this industry is a tough one, and it can be hard to find support among your fellow musicians at times. But it sounds like Lady Gaga has nothing but love to send in Cardi B's direction, and that's certainly something Cardi B should be happy to receive -- particularly at this time of incoming backlash.

As for the backlash itself, it seems that it is directed at Cardi B by unnamed critics who believe that she didn't deserve to win the coveted music award for her first studio album. The reasons are left unclear in the video posted by Cardi B, before she decided to take a step back from Instagram, but it can certainly be difficult to push away the haters when you find your success skyrocketing with each passing day. But it's clear that Cardi B doesn't want to hear anyone's critical comments about her, and she would much rather tune out the noise than deal with people claiming her awards status comes undeserved.

In any case, Lady Gaga might soon be walking home with an award for herself soon. She is currently nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress for A Star is Born, and she is also nominated for Best Original Song for her work in "Shallow." It's unclear if she is going to win in the former category, since it's a particularly tough race with Glenn Close favored to win for The Wife, but there's a better-than-decent chance that she will win the latter award. Here's hoping she doesn't find herself subjected to the same backlash that Cardi B is facing if she does win. Though if the backlash comes, at least she should expect to get some support from Cardi B.

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