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Lady Gaga was expected by many to win the Golden Globe Award For Best Actress in a drama tonight. That didn't happen. The fact that Glenn Close took the award home for her role in The Wife was a surprise to a lot of people, including, based on her expression, Glenn Close herself. However, Lady Gaga's fans are far from happy with the situation. Social media is more than a little upset with what happened, as Lady Gaga fans who were expecting a win feel like there's been a terrible mistake.

While there have been numerous great roles in the movies this year and there wasn't necessarily one performance that was expected to simply walk away with every award, Lady Gaga's performance as Ally in A Star is Born was viewed by many as a frontrunner. Since the Golden Globes are frequently seen as a stepping stone to the Oscars, those that did expect Gaga to be the one to beat at the Academy Awards assumed tonight would make that status official with the award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama. Those that did assume the win was a foregone conclusion are in shock.

There are always going to be people who throw in with one nominee or another and feel disappointed when their chosen actor doesn't win. Of course, Lady Gaga has built up a strong following of fans that predates her actual performance in A Star is Born by quite a wide margin. Those fans are more than a little upset with the situation. For them, tonight was supposed to be a coronation, and the fact that it didn't turn out that way is incredibly frustrating.

Of course, while the Golden Globe winners and the Oscar winners are frequently the same, that's not always the case. That means that Lady Gaga still has a chance of winning the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Of course, in the end, it's all really just about who you thought was best, which means if you think Lady Gaga was the best acting performance of the year, you can still feel that way. No award is going to change things.

A Star is Born was expected to win several awards, not simply the Best Actress award for Lady Gaga, but all it came away with tonight was an award for Best Original Song. Is that a precursor of things to come at the Oscars or, like many Lady Gaga fans believe, evidence that the Golden Globes is clueless? We'll find out when the Academy Awards get here next month.