Luke Perry's Daughter Posts Touching Tribute To Her Late Father

Luke Perry - Riverdale

This week, people around the world were disheartening to learn that actor Luke Perry passed away at the age of 52. The film and television actor, best known for his work on Beverly Hills 90210 and, most recently, Riverdale, suffered a massive stroke on Thursday, and he was considered to be in critical condition. While there were many hoping and praying that the veteran performer would make it out on the other side, he was met with his untimely death on Monday.

Though there are no shortage of remembrances to be found, one in particular stands out: Sophie Perry, the daughter of the late Luke Perry. On Instagram, she responded to her father's passing by posting the following memorial/tribute.

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As Sophie Perry writes in her heartfelt farewell to her father on the social media site, "everything" that happened this week occurred "so fast." It would be difficult for anyone to process it in full at this time -- let alone the late actor's only daughter.

Nevertheless, Sophie Perry is thankful for all the kind souls who reached out in droves to express remorse. The 18-year-old claims she made it back home just in time to "be here" with the family during this tough time. While the daughter of the late actor is undoubtedly grieving the loss of her father, Sophie writes that she has been warmed and blessed by the "overwhelming" showcase of support she has received from friends, family and complete strangers on the Internet this week.

There's a lot of love being directed her way, and she realizes that her dad had an extreme impact on many fans and viewers around the world. And though she can't respond to each-and-every response individually, Sophie Perry wants the world to know that she appreciates them wholeheartedly. While she doesn't know what to "do or say" at this time, Perry wants to express her thanks and appreciation for everyone who made an effort to show their grievances and support this week.

As Sophie Perry sorrowfully notes, there is no guidebook for what you can do during this situation. It's hard to make sense of something this shocking happening so fast, and so sudden. But while she continues to make sense of this difficult situation, and hopefully find some peace along the way, she is gratified and humbled by the large number of people who have provided their support during this time of loss. With that, the daughter asks that everyone "bear with" her as she continues to be grateful "quietly." Away from social media.

The loss of a parent, especially so prematurely, is extremely difficult. And when they're a celebrity, there's an extra spot light placed on the grieving process. There's no denying that, and there are no easy answers for how to move forward during this heartbreaking time. But Sophie Perry is humbled by everyone who made a point to reach out and express their remorse at this time.

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