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Screenshot - Jason Momoa - Aquaman

As Aquaman, Jason Momoa is used to fighting off the dangers of the seven seas. But when it comes to fire, well, he's not so lucky. Unfortunately, the superhero actor found himself in a confrontation with a suspected engine fire inside his private jet, and the dangerous air carrier had to make an emergency landing in Palm Spring, California. Thankfully, Momoa appears to be out of harm's way and nobody seems to be hurt from the incident. But that didn't stop Momoa from sharing the terrifying ordeal on Instagram, recounting the hectic plane ride he endured moments earlier.

Jason Momoa revealed the details about the frantic flight on his Instagram Story, which have since been recounted by Entertainment Weekly. He recorded himself from the tarmac, claiming that there was a "slight delay" to his planned destination due to this engine failure. Thankfully, Momoa didn't seem too shaken up about the whole thing. He kept his signature laid-back sense of humor amid peril, explaining as casually as possible that the Fire Department was on the way and that their travel plans needed to be revised. Here's how the blockbuster actor explained it:

We got ourselves a slight delay. Half-hour out, Palm Springs, and the plane wanted to start a fire. So, yeah, good old fire department, gotta love ’em. Looks like we’re driving.

If you were planning to meet up with Jason Momoa anytime soon, you should expect a slight delay. While this hiccup will make him later than he intended to be to his destination, his safety is the most important thing. Nevertheless, the Aquaman actor is thankful for the support he received from the Fire Department and everyone who made sure his jet was out of danger's way. He was also taking pictures with a few firefighters too... after the fire was taken care of, that is.

While Aquaman can harness the power of water and use the sea to his advantage in the right moments, Jason Momoa isn't quite so lucky. When there is fire, he found himself relying on the actual firefighters to make sure they could prevent any danger from spreading in flames. The firefighters are, of course, the real heroes in everyday lives. Momoa just plays a superhero in the movies, thanks to the power of special effects, and he recognizes that. He kindly shared his appreciation for the people who make it their lives' work to help and save others in their time of need.

Jason Momoa is going to continue to do this thing in his high-profile celebrity lifestyle. While he was briefly in the face of real danger on his jet, he was able to land safety and get some help from fellow aquamen. Meanwhile, for the latest news in film, television, pop culture, celebrity culture and a whole lot more, you can always be sure to check back with us right here at CinemaBlend to hear the scoop.