Jennifer Lawrence Helped Sophie Turner See Superheroes Don't Need To Be 'Stick Thin'

Sophie Turner - X-Men: Apocalypse

Hollywood is a tough business. When you act for a living, in front of cameras and viewers around the world, there are many people who have certain expectations. Many of which can be demanding and unfair, particularly for a young working talent. When Sophie Turner decided to make the big leap into blockbusters with Fox's X-Men series in the role of Jean Grey, she was concerned. The Game of Thrones actress was worried that she would need to meet certain physical standards to reach the demands of the Hollywood system. But then she found comfort in a famous source: Jennifer Lawrence. As Sophie Turner explained it:

When I first started out acting, I thought, ‘Arghhh, I’m going to have to be really skinny for the rest of my life,’ and I’m not naturally that kind of person. But when it came to filming X-Men, I saw Jennifer Lawrence, who is small, but curvy and not your typical ‘skinny star’. It made me feel so good that people see these women as powerful superheroes, and they don’t have to be stick thin – that’s how it should be. That’s how women should be depicted in every film.

The quote above came from Sophie Turner's profile piece with Glamour Magazine. As the film and television actress notes on the eve of Game of Thrones' winter domain coming to a close and the release of her second X-Men movie hitting theaters on June 7th (assuming Dark Phoenix keeps this release date), she was nervous before appearing on set of her first X-Men movie. Her trepidation over 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse was due to the pressures that came with her second-biggest role to date. Sophie Turner was worried that she would need to conform to certain Hollywood beauty standards, and she was afraid to be "really skinny for the rest of" her life. But then, Turner met Jennifer Lawrence, and the actress started to breathe a bit easier.

Sophie Turner describes Jennifer Lawrence as "small but curvy." And Turner considered the Oscar-winning actress to not be a typical 'skinny star' in her ongoing ongoing portrayal of Mystique in the superhero series. With that, Turner "felt good" about where she stood physically. She believes Lawrence's presence in the franchise allowed the actress to be more comfortable in the role. She didn't simply have to "stick thin," which is the way "it should be" — according to the up-and-coming young actress.

With the Fox merger clouding the future of the current X-Men series, it's hard to know how long Sophie Turner will be playing the role of Jean Grey in this franchise. Whether this is Turner's last time playing the role or just the beginning for the rising actress, she was given comfort by Jennifer Lawrence's appearance in the series.

Jennifer Lawrence wasn't the only X-Men actress who provided Sophie Turner with encouragement. Jessica Chastain also supported the star during a tough moment on set when another unnamed actor was not cooperating with her. You can see Dark Phoenix in theaters on June 7th.

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