Amy Schumer Explains Why She's Gone Public About Her Husband Being On The Autism Spectrum

Amy Schumer - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Whether it's in her stand-up, writing, TV show, films, or anywhere else in her public persona, Amy Schumer is typically known for being open, honest and typically self-depreciating in her comedic stylings. The often fearless and unabashed comedienne likes to talk from the heart and speak from the gut, even if it might be too much for some people's tastes. But in her latest stand-up special, Netflix's Amy Schumer: Growing, the stadium-selling comic revealed something about another person in her life: her husband, Chris Fischer. More specifically, when the professional chef was recently diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.

For viewers on the streaming service, even the ones who are most in-tune with Amy Schumer's confessional comedy, this revelation might come as a surprise — not merely for Schumer's continued honesty, but her willingness to speak so openly on her husband's behalf about this personal subject. But as she admitted during her most recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Amy Schumer believes it's important to be open and positive about being on the spectrum. The pregnant comedienne hopes her stand-up encourages other people to get diagnosed like her husband. Discussing the matter further, here's what Schumer said to Seth Meyers:

We both wanted to talk about it because it's been totally positive. I think some people resist getting diagnosed… because of the stigma that comes along with it. But the tools we've been given have made his life so much better and our marriage and our life so much more manageable.

As she explained in the clip from her recent conversation with Seth Meyers, Amy Schumer got her husband's permission before she discussed his personal diagnosis in the newest hour long stand-up special, which she also directed. Schumer claims they've both been open to talk about it publicly since it has been a positive experience thus far, and knows there are people out there who resist the desire to get diagnosed due to the stigma that might come from being on the autism spectrum.

Therefore, Amy Schumer wishes to encourage people to discover whether or not they're on the spectrum, believing it'll make people's lives easier if they learn this information about themselves. Now she is using her platform to open the conversation further. Of course, the comedienne notes that everyone's diagnosis will not be the same, but she believes it's good to take the test and learn if you or someone you love could be diagnosed as being on the spectrum as well.

Here's how Amy Schumer explained it on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

I just wanted to encourage people to not be afraid of that stigma. I think a lot of people with autism who go undiagnosed when I think their life could be better if they got those tools.

Check out the clip from Late Night with Seth Meyers below.

As her fame and celebrity grows, and her life changes in a variety of different ways, Amy Schumer remains true to her voice and continues to be open about her life and the new roads in her journey. That includes being honest about her husband being on the autism spectrum, believing it will continue to allow others to learn more about their own selves and then hopefully be more open and honest themselves.

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