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Justin Bieber - "What Do You Mean" Music Video

If you were expecting a new album from Justin Bieber sometime this year, you'll need to wait a little bit longer. With the musician settling down in his marriage to Hailey Bieber and a few rumors flying around that he might be looking to start a family soon, it sounds like the music life might be put on hold for a moment or two. While there are fans around the world who are no doubt looking forward to hearing what new music he might have in store, the musician isn't ready. At least, not yet.

The miscommunication came from his recent surprise performance at Coachella. The popular musician joined the stage with Ariana Grande. And in the heightened moment, Justin Bieber claimed a new album was "coming soon." As it turns out, Bieber is walking back on his blurted-out statement. He claims it'll be at least another year before we hear the latest music from the pop star. While he might've said otherwise during the excitement on Sunday, what he claimed wasn't true.

The information was gleaned from sources who spoke with TMZ. While there is no clear release date in mind for Justin Bieber's next album (whatever it will be), it sounds like Bieber wants to make his new release into something at least a little different than what we're used to getting from the chart-topping artist. He has reportedly recorded a few songs in the studio already, and he is working on some new music presently.

But it sounds like the artist wants to reinvent himself. Justin Bieber is allegedly creating "a new sound," and he wants to spend more time bringing that reworked sound to the forefront before he's ready to premiere it on the world stage.

So, if you were expecting to hear Justin Bieber's latest tunes by the end of the year, you might want to pump the brakes. The artist hasn't released a solo album of his own in roughly four years. The last Justin Bieber album, Purpose, came out in 2015, and it sounds like it'll be a full five years before the new Justin Bieber studio album makes its way into stores and streaming services. That's quite a long while to wait.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber hasn't performed in nearly two years as well, but that changed on Sunday when he appeared at Coachella. And it sounds like he had a blast being back in the spotlight. So who knows? Maybe Justin Bieber will change his tune – no pun intended — and find himself working in overdrive to get the new album out in a more timely fashion. Whenever he decides to release his new music, however, there's no doubt that it will be highly anticipated by his devoted fanbase.

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