Allegiant Sneak Peek Teases What's Ahead In The Third Divergent Book

In less than two months, Divergent fans will have all of the answers they've been waiting for. Or most of them, anyway. With the Divergent movie and the Tobias eShorts along the way, there's certainly no shortage of material in the works for fans of Veronica Roth's young adult series. The third and final book in the main trilogy arrives October 22, and we now have our first little sample of what's in story. And we do mean little…

EW shared the following meme, which features an except from Chapter 7 of Allegiant and teases one of the most mysterious parts of the plot.

SPOILER Warning: It's at this point that you want to turn back if you're not caught up on Divergent and Insurgent, as the quote relates to something that's revealed at the end of the second book!

Allegiant teaser

At the end of Insurgent, an old video reveals that the faction system was established in Chicago in an effort to reestablish a more moral society after the rest of the world became extremely corrupt. Chicago was fenced up to allow those inside to start over under the new faction system. The presence of Divergents within Chicago means it's time to open the gates and let everyone back into the world. But what's the state of the world now? We don't know, and that's what the excerpt from Allegiant appears to address as Tris questions what they might be facing. As she points out, the people in Chicago could be the last people left. It's certainly a possibility, but something tells me that's not the case. After all, what fun would that be?

The fact that this quote comes in at Chapter 7 suggests the third book doesn't pick up with the people of Chicago heading straight out into the world. Beyond that, we're still about as in the dark as we were before hand. But we will find out what's outside the fence. Veronica Roth has confirmed that much. In fact, she says it's "a great exploration of that."

The Allegiant tease isn't the only sample we've gotten of things to come. In addition to the recently released Divergent trailer, we also got a sample of the first eShort that's set to be released, which will focus on Tobias' past. That's due out next month.

Between the four eShort, Allegiant and the movie, there's a lot to keep track of. Here's the full schedule of books coming out between now and when the movie arrives in March:

September 3 - The Transfer.

September 24 - The World of Divergent: The Path to Allegiant.

October 22 - Allegiant.

December 17 - The Initiate.

January 21 - The Son.

February 11 - The Traitor.

And then the feature adaptation of Divergent arrives in theaters March 21, 2014.

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