Angelina Jolie Wears The Same Clothes Every Day

Angelina Jolie is arguably the most beautiful actress in the world. Hell, her last name is the French word for pretty, and her fashion sense is best described as elegant; even someone who pays zero attention to red carpet affairs knows that, with yours truly being exhibit A. Her rounds at the Cannes film festival with Kung Fu Panda 2 co-star Jack Black are no exception to the rule, although she does admit that she puts considerably less wardrobe effort in at home, telling MTV, "When I'm not doing this, I wear the same pants and same shirt every day. I don't change”

When asked by Black if she washed her clothes, she countered by saying, "On occasion, but I have a few of the same things. It's like a uniform,"

So this means that Jolie is a lot like the tv character Doug, who of course had dozens of the identical outfit which he wore daily. Granted, it’s safe to say that Jolie’s day to day outfit isn’t just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt; although if it was, she would probably still look damn good. And she would at the very least outstrip Jack Black, whose outfit consisted of “my best shirt, favorite jeans and cream-colored pumas," Game on, Jack Black.

The sequel to 2008’s hit Kung Fu Panda will be released later this month.