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At 5’1,’’ Avril Lavigne’s a tiny woman, which means when she sports bling, it is pretty apparent. Now that the star is engaged to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, she’s gotten a 14-carat ring out of the deal, and a fiancé with pretty intense facial hair to boot. 14 carats does not seem like it is such a big deal when the number is understated in print, but after learning how much the ring is actually worth, it should send you reeling a little.

Lavigne and Kroeger were engaged earlier this month, but the rest of the world didn’t find out until the last couple of days, when news of the massive engagement ring hit the web. In the time since, US Weekly has done some sleuthing, and determined that sucker is worth an estimated $350,000.

The magazine brought in a jewelry expert named Michael O’Connor, who says the ring is worth so much due to the size of the main stone, its pear-shaped cut, and the fact the diamonds are set in platinum. The main stone is a stunning 10-carat rock with smaller diamonds carefully placed around the main feature. I just wonder how heavy that thing is on her left hand.

Between “How You Remind Me” and “Girlfriend,” both Kroeger and Lavigne should be riding high on royalties money, provided they’ve both saved. It’s really no surprise they would want to dip into those savings to prove they have something special. Hopefully, the union will be the kind of fairytale the two songwriters would never think to sing about.

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