Bill Murray Calls Kelly Lynch's Husband Every Time The Road House Sex Scene Is On TV

Most of us don’t need any more reasons to like Bill Murray. The former Saturday Night Live star has been consistently churning out brilliant movies, hilarious personal life stories and awesome life decisions for decades. He’s long banked enough societal goodwill to get him through at least two or three non-murder PR disasters, but somehow, every new wrinkle we learn about his personal life makes him seem even more badass. For example: did you know he calls up Kelly Lynch’s husband, Mitch Glazer, every time the Road House sex scene is on and tells him he’s watching Swayze bone his wife? Apparently, his brothers get in on the action too.

That’s what Lynch told the AV Club during an interview earlier this week. She gets nervous every time Road House starts trending on Twitter because she knows what’s coming next. And God forbid when AMC does Road House marathons. Here’s an excerpt from the interview…

”Every time Road House is on and he or one of his idiot brothers are watching TV—and they’re always watching TV—one of them calls my husband and says, “Kelly’s having sex with Patrick Swayze right now. They’re doing it. He’s throwing her against the rocks.” Oh, my God. Mitch was just walking out the door to the set, and he said that Bill once called him from Russia.

Murray has such a zest for life, and he seems to be all about enjoying the little moments. We hear about other celebrities buying houses or wearing new outfits. With him, we hear about ugly golf swings, kickball games and mocking people over the past behavior of their wives. He’s like better versions of the rest of us.

Here’s to hoping he and his brothers are doing wacky shit well into their nineties.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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