New Blade Series Features Father And Daughter Team Up

While San Diego Comic-Con is an exciting time for superhero movies, TV and franchise films, it is an even more exciting time for comic books. Every year, new and thrilling books are announced at SDCC and while there are far too many to keep up with, one in particular that caught our eye was a new Marvel Universe Blade series.

This October, everyone’s favorite Daywalker will make supernatural fighting a family affair, as the title character is about to team-up with his long-lost teenage daughter Fallon Grey. The series was announced earlier today and CBR News has an exclusive interview with writer of the series Tim Seeley. Written by Seeley with art by Logan Faerber the series will follow Blade on his hunt to kill vampires and get revenge, but after 50 years of said revenge, the titular character is losing his edge and beginning to forget why he hates the bloodsucking monsters so much. And in his pseudo-mid-life crisis, Blade will be reunited with his long lost 16-year-old daughter who Seeley describes as “anti-Peter Parker”, a girl who is popular, and thinks she knows exactly what she’s doing with her life (sounds a bit similar to another stake-rearing, badass female vamp-slayer).

Seeley was indeed prompted on the comparisons readers may make to Buffy Summers, to which he admitted he had avoided watching the show entirely, hoping to keep blissful ignorance as to stay original in his creation. While we can appreciate Seeley’s desire to keep his character pure, it does seem a little silly not to look back at the OG slayer and the success she, and her show had. If it ain’t broke…

The series is also going to stray further away from vampires. Seeley admitted that his original intention was to avoid vamps all together, and focus more on a variety of monsters. For example, Blade’s first adversary will be an enclave of monster biologists called Black Genus and Seeley promises “it’s going to get really horrific and really fun really quick up in here.”

The all-new Blade hopes to combine a strong female voice while diving into that good old Marvel Horror. You can check out some of the character artwork and cover art over at CBR, and check out Blade #1 when it hits shelves in October.