While artists like Eminem and Katy Perry think the best way to market is to throw out as much information as possible before an album release, Britney Spears has had a much different marketing strategy. The pop singer’s eighth studio album is set to drop in December, and the only thing we’ve really heard from the album was the single “Work Bitch.” On Tuesday, Spears finally released the elusive title for the album, and it probably won’t shock you as much as you might expect. Album number 8 will roll with the title Britney Jean.

Spears popped up on Capital FM radio this morning to premiere the title for her new album. With a single like “Work Bitch” under her belt, you would think the title of the new endeavor would be empowering or at least a little bit slinky. Instead, it’s more endearing than anything else. Spears has been using the word “personal” to describe her album for months, and she told the outlet that’s where the title comes in, as well.
It's called 'Britney Jean'! It's a personal album and all my family they always call me Britney Jean, it's like a term of endearment, and I just wanted to share that with my fans."

Since nearly all of the information we have concerning the new album relates in some way or the other to Spears' aforementioned single, I’m not sure where the “personal” part of the album will come in. Clearly Spears is a hard worker. She’s got a big new album in the works and she has also signed a contract to put together a show at the Planet Hollywood Hotel on the Las Vegas strip. With that gig, she’s set to play 48 dates a year. However, when I think of an album that’s personal, I think of music that feels open and intimate, and “Work Bitch” is not that.

Maybe the rest of the album will be different. Spears worked with her friend and frequent collaborator will.i.am on the project, and she’s clearly invested in her new album. It could be great. Unfortunately, we still have a while to wait to find out. Britney Jean won’t officially be released until December 3, 2013.

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