Can Kate Winslet And Ned Rocknroll Last Over The Long Haul?

Earlier this month, Kate Winslet and her fiancé Ned Rocknroll decided to walk down the aisle in a tiny ceremony surrounded by roughly a dozen of their friends and family members. None of the parents were reportedly informed of the union until after it happened, and the story didn’t even go public at all until earlier this week.

On paper, Winslet and Rocknroll aren’t exactly a slam dunk to make it over the long haul. He’s the thirty-four-year-old, once divorced nephew of Virgin founder Richard Branson, and she’s the thirty-seven-year-old, twice divorced Academy Award-winning actress who actually met Rocknroll while she was on holiday with a different man. He also changed his last name to Rocknroll, and she has two children from previous relationships. Altogether, it doesn’t scream guaranteed success, but sometimes, the relationships that seem the most imperfect from the outside are actually the ones that work the best. Sometimes it takes an eccentric to understand and bond with another person who doesn’t live his or her life conventionally.

I really hope this works. Kate is one of the most brilliant actresses we have, and while I know far less about Ned, I do appreciate that he supposedly accompanied Winslet’s children on a flight home right after meeting them when a fire cut short their vacation.

What do you think? Is this it for the two of them, or will this marriage end prematurely? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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