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Casey Kasem’s Family Protests Outside DJ’s Home After New Wife Cuts Off Contact

No one likes causing a scene, but occasionally, that’s exactly what needs to happen. At least that’s what Casey Kasem’s friends and family seem to think. They gathered in a large group outside the legendary radio host’s home this morning to protest Kasem’s wife Jean allegedly refusing to let her husband see any of his loved ones.

According to TMZ, Kasem is eighty-one-years-old and battling Parkinson’s. Back in 1980, he married a then seventeen-year-old actress Jean Thompson, and not surprisingly, the relationship between her and the children from his first marriage hasn’t exactly been perfect. Even more troubling, her relationship with his friends and colleagues hasn’t been a home run either, and recently, she reportedly cut off all contact between her husband and everyone else. So, after months of not getting phone calls returned and not being allowed access, the children enlisted all of Casey’s loved ones and organized the protest outside his luxurious Holmby Hills home that involved numerous signs and loud noises.

Not long after the protest started, police were called to the scene. It caused such a ruckus, however, that there’s no way Kasem’s neighbors didn’t notice, which is a disaster for anyone living in an upperclass community like that. As for whether it will change anything between Casey and his kids, however, that’s still very much up in the air.

When public relations nightmares like this happen, it’s very difficult to tell who is actually at fault because we’re only getting one side. Clearly, from the kids’ perspective, Jean is a raving bitch who systematically took their father away from them, but obviously, this relationship didn’t deteriorate overnight. Besides, maybe the Scooby Doo voice actor himself wasn’t exactly in favor of maintaining a close relationship with his loved ones before he got extremely sick.

Regardless of what happens with his family, Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Kasem as he battles Parkinson’s. Luckily, he’s been a fighter his whole life.

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