Charlie Sheen And Brooke Mueller Reportedly Feuding Over Fired Nanny

The relationship between Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller has gone south, trapping poor Denise Richards in the middle. The World Is Not Enough actress has been looking after Mueller’s kids during her stint in rehab, but after Brooke and Charlie reportedly went at it over a nanny, the troubled jewelry maker sent her mother to Denise’s to take her twin sons away.

According to TMZ, Mueller allegedly fired her nanny after the woman found her passed out and called Brooke’s mom to tell her what happened. Charlie reportedly told his ex axing the children’s nanny was a horrible decision, and he’s in the process of trying to hire her back. That’s created plenty of frction between the two; so, when Denise called earlier this week and asked Brooke if she could take everyone to an on-set party for the kids of Anger Management employees, it apparently dug up all those hard feelings. After Mueller told Richards no, the kids were reportedly kept at home, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy Brooke. She sent along her mom the next day.

If Charlie and Brooke want to fight it out, that’s their business, but it truly sucks that the children and Denise have to be caught in the middle. There’s no reason why children shouldn’t attend their father’s Christmas party, and there’s no reason why a woman trying to do people a favor should be made to feel like she did something wrong for suggesting as much.

Maybe if Brooke spent a little less time worrying about Charlie and a little more time worrying about getting clean, she wouldn’t be rapidly approaching twenty times in rehab.

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