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Check Out The First Image From Kelly Clarkson's Engagement Shoot

Kelly Clarkson has been engaged to Brandon Blackstock, the son of her manager and the stepson of Reba McEntire, since December of 2012. That timeframe has given the singer plenty of months to begin planning a wedding and things seem in full swing at this juncture, with fellow singer Blake Shelton signed on to officiate the ceremony. On Thursday, we got our first glimpse at what sort of beautiful bride Clarkson will make, and it looks like she may be the barefoot kind.

Clarkson shared her engagement photo via Twitter, exclaiming her enthusiasm over the full set of pictures and admitting she couldn’t help herself and just had to share at least one image with her fans. With a picture so lovely, it's easy to see why.

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Honestly, the framing in this picture is fantastic, making the 32-year-old pop singer look dainty and tiny compared to the large and daunting bookshelves set up around her. As noted by Clarkson, the engagement photo was put together thanks to Terilyn and Koby Brown, who run Archetype Studio Inc.

It took Kelly Clarkson a long time to find the romance of her life, which isn’t hard to believe when you consider her trajectory to fame. The singer won the first season of American Idol at the age of 20. Her first two albums, 2003’s Thankful and 2004’s Breakaway helped her to become even more of a household name. In the time since she hit the pop market, Clarkson has sold over 20 million albums and has been on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart 24 times. She’s been a busy gal for the last decade, which wasn’t helped by the persistant gay rumors that followed her name for years.

Eventually, however, Clarkson found Blackstone, and a budding romance ensued. It only took her 10 months to determine Blackstone was the man for her and the two have plans to tie the knot this fall. After writing about heartbreak and bad relationships for years in her songs, it’s nice to see the singer looking so happy and finally finding the sort of relationship she really deserves.

Cutely enough, today's photo debuted the wedidng-themed cover for her new song Tie It Up, which also features the singer's gorgeous engagement ring.

Kelly Clarkson tie it up

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