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Chris Kattan Ran Into A Parked Government Vehicle, Got Arrested For DUI

Former Saturday Night Live star Chris Kattan crashed his car just outside Los Angeles this morning, and if the police are to be believed, he wasn’t exactly clear-headed when the accident happened. In fact, he was hauled off on suspicion of driving under the influence not long after the authorities arrived.

According to TMZ, the incident happened around 1 AM in the San Fernando Valley. Kattan was reportedly driving his Mercedes on the 101 when someone called the police to report a slow-moving vehicle swerving back and forth between lanes. Not long after, said vehicle allegedly plowed over some cones and crashed into a Department of Transportation vehicle.

Neither Kattan nor anyone else involved in the incident has spoken publically. Rumors, however, are swirling that police officers on the scene think the actor may have been under the influence of drugs, hopefully prescription but possibly not. Either way, this situation is already a mess and could lead to some pretty serious legal repercussions for Kattan, though thankfully no one was inside the Department of Transportation vehicle when he allegedly made contact with it.

Following his departure from Saturday Night Live, Kattan has had quite a bit of trouble transitioning to a non-sketch comedy career. Maybe it’s because his persona is a bit too silly. Maybe it’s because he’s never been able to regain career momentum after some failures in lead Hollywood roles. Regardless, finding work has been tough overt the past several years, at least apart from the occasional hilarious viral video. That lack of career traction plus a recent divorce may have set the wheels in motion for this bad decision, or, it might just be a random mistake. Who knows?

In cases like this, an overwhelming majority of the time the accused works with the district attorney to figure out some kind of plea agreement. We’ll keep you updated as the legal proceedings move forward. Until then, Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Kattan. Here’s to hoping he learns from this mess, and it never happens again.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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