There’s no denying Christina Aguilera still has a huge set of pipes. She proves this in the first single off of her upcoming album Lotus. “Your Body” features an entertaining video with some nods to classic TV, a few cheesy b-movie special effects and some sexy but not totally sexsploitive costume choices. Christina Aguilera is in a new period in her career and it’s clear she’s not going for the youthfully sexualized Xtina look, anymore. Instead, she’s going for a low-end bar patron who likes to fool around in dirrrty bathrooms. At least its better than watching the over-40 Jennifer Lopez slither in the “On the Floor” video.

The current The Voice judge recently came out to say she was leaving NBC’s hit singing competition show after this season. It’s kind of a bummer, but the 31–year-old songstress has made some good memories on the show and says the contestants have made a huge impact on her desire to see her career continue. Apparently, they’ve also had an effect on her desire to put colored streaks back into her hair.

The “Your Body” video makes it clear Aguilera still has it and plans to flaunt it. If the rest of her Lotus album proves to usher the singer into a new era of pop music as capably as the lead single, Pop Blend expects Lotus to do pretty well on the charts. We’ll have to wait and find out when Aguilera’s seventh full-length album drops on November 13.

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