Anyone who's ever watched Deal Or No Deal, not to be confused with its 30 Rock-spun cousin Gold Case, knows the game show tends to feature a lot of people with a few screws loose. From guessing way too long to running around the stage like newly freed inmates, many of these contestants fall somewhere on the personality extremes. I've spent many an hour guessing at which ones might someday wind up in jail, but apparently, I should have been spending that time making penal predictions about the models.

According to TMZ, Hayley Marie Norman, a sometimes actress and regular holder of case number twenty-five on Deal Or No Deal, is in serious trouble with the cops after sending her ex-fiancee's new lady a text message that said, “You're a fucking cunt.” While I generally endorse bluntness, that language is a little overly emotional and harsh, as is spray painting obscenities on the side of the poor girl's apartment.

Yes, apparently, the former fiancee's new love had her building vandalized last week when someone spray painted “This girl sucks dicks for free” on the side. Regardless of whether that's true or not, I would guess not, cops have charged Norman with sending obscene communications, and they may tack on a vandalism accusation within the next few days.

Being broken up with sucks, but terrorizing your ex's new fling only makes you look bad. As Deal Or No Deal should have taught Hayley Marie Norman, sometimes it's best to just take what's offered and move on.

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