It’s been a crazy last couple days for Demi Moore. A 911 call was placed two nights ago by one of her friends, and the actress was taken to the hospital for treatment due to an unspecified problem. While in the facility, she reportedly decided to get treatment, and her PR people released a statement saying she’d seek medical help for “exhaustion”. Almost immediately, a rumor made its way around the Internet that substance abuse was the real issue, and since then, most major outlets have verified this hypothesis through their own anonymous sources.

Now TMZ is offering some specifics to the initial hospitalization, and if those details are to be believed, they paint a rather shocking picture of the forty-nine year old mother. The outlet’s sources are alleging Moore suffered a seizure after inhaling nitrous oxide. Known among younger people as Whip-Its, the practice involves sucking in the fumes from metal whip cream containers. It’s a cheap and easy way to get high, one that even most teenage male abusers realize is incredibly stupid while they’re doing it.

A new story from People Magazine backs up the woman-out-of-control theory. The magazine's sources refer to Moore as a “mess” and cite lack of sleep, stress, weight loss and prescription pill abuse as further reasons for her downfall. Whip-Its or not, it seems like Demi does need help, and Pop Blend wishes her nothing but the best in her recovery. Admitting there’s a problem is always the first step, and by checking into a facility, she’s done just that. Here’s to hoping she’s back to acting and being a great mother in no time.

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