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Earlier this week, the rumor mill exploded with word that Demi Moore and Pink Taco head and socialite Harry Morton had begun a relationship. It turns out there’s nothing to the whispers at all, but given the men she’s gotten excited about lately, it’s not surprising most people were willing to think she was involved with the thirty-one-year-old restaurateur.

Between Ashton Kutcher, Vito Schnabel and several others, it’s become clear that the fifty-year-old definitely prefers to be with men not only younger but way younger than herself. It makes sense that someone might get particularly excited about another human being either much older or much younger than them, but more often than not, older individuals who exclusively date those far younger don’t quite have their priorities in order.

You’d like to think Moore will eventually get to the point where she stops attending so many parties and tries to connect with someone her own age who has a lot in common, but as the years go by, that’s looking more and more unlikely. It seems like she’s going to stumble into a relationship with a much younger playboy.

What do you think? Will Demi wind up with someone who is close to her own age, or will she keep trying out much younger men? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Will Demi Wind Up With Someone Her Own Age?

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