Dina Lohan Claims Ex-Husband Raped Her, Screwed Up Lindsay

Dina Lohan is willing to admit her daughter is far from a saint, but if you take it from her, all of Linday’s problems are the direct result of a troubled childhood marred by plenty of domestic violence inside the home. Sporting records dating back more than twenty years in some cases, Dina told reporters today that she was punched on at least one occasion and raped on another by her ex-husband Michael during their turbulent relationship.

According to The New York Daily News, Dina claims the first horrific incident occurred during a night out when Lindsay was little. Michael supposedly got drunk, drove and punched her in the face for no apparent reason while they were driving home. She quickly headed for the hospital and got checked out. If you take it from Michael, however, that’s not exactly what happened. He remembers coming home, getting plastered in the back of the head with an ice cube tray, turning around and slapping her once in the face.

As for the rape, Dina claims she was living with her parents at the time when Michael showed up, wanting to reconcile. They supposedly had a fun night on the town, returned to her parents’ house and he forced himself on her. She apparently kept quiet in order to not wake the kids and went to the hospital the next day. Once again, Michael has a different story on that, however. He claims the sex was consensual, but when she found out he was dating another woman and actually went out with her a few hours after the sexual encounter, she apparently got pissed and claimed rape. Neither of the incidents ever went to trial.

Originally, Dina’s statements were supposed to be a defense of Lindsay, but at some point, they became a middle finger toward Michael. As for what exactly is true, I haven’t the slightest idea. The alleged punch happened in 1986 and the rape in 1990. No charges will come from it. They’re just further wrinkles in a horrible situation.

Mack Rawden
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